Announcing the 2019 Club Championship!

Incorporating feedback from last year’s inaugural Club Championship, we have made three changes that we hope will encourage more participation for this year.  By making the scoring rings on the target more generous and placing the target closer to the firing line we hope that more members will be encouraged to compete.  Also, the 2019 Club Champion will receive a Colt Gold Cup 1911!


Competition Details & Rules:

  • The Club Championship will run from Friday March 22 through 5:00 PM on Monday April 22.
  • You may shoot and submit your official targets any time during that period.
  • The entry fee will be $30.
  • Sign out an official set of targets in the lounge and shoot them at any time.
  • Place each of your targets at the 10 yard line – marked in yellow tape in the range.
  • Shoot 5 shots on each of your 5 official targets.  
  • Score your targets and submit only your best target as your entry.
  • Fill out and submit your entry target with name, date, time, caliber, lane number and your score.
  • WSC will check scores on targets and verify distance using range cameras.
  • Each member may enter only once (spouses and juniors also eligible, but only one entry per person).
  • Each competitor must shoot their own targets.
  • One or two-handed shooting allowed.
  • You may not support the gun or yourself using a rest, the bench, shooting stall, etc.
  • Practice targets are allowed and will be available in the lounge.
  • Submit your target before the 5:00 pm deadline on Monday April 22.  Include all required information on the target for scoring and verification purposes.


Equipment rules are intended to make sure everyone is able to compete with their stock service-type pistols.  (This is a shooting, not equipment competition!)

  • Centerfire pistols or revolvers only – 22 caliber pistols are not permitted
  • Iron sights only – scopes, red dots, lasers or other optics are not allowed


  • The competitor with the highest score is the 2019 WSC Club Champion!
  • Scoring is according to NRA bullseye pistol rules.
  • In the event of a tie, a shoot-off event will be held to determine the winner.
    • The shoot-off will be a plate shooting format.  10 round max mag capacity.
    • Timers will be used with a random delay between “shooter ready” and the buzzer.
    • Competitors start from the “low ready” position.
    • Each competitor gets three timed runs to knock down all the plates.  Only their best time counts.
    • Reasonable effort will be made to schedule the shoot-off so that all involved competitors will be able to attend.  If absolutely necessary, multiple shoots may be scheduled at the club’s discretion.

November Closures

We have multiple closures for maintenance coming up over the next week. Please check the club website for updates before coming to the club to shoot.

  • Wednesday 11/18, the range will close around 7:30 following the new member open house. The range will be closed overnight, re-opening mid morning on Thursday. The backstop rubber is being cleaned out and the contractor will be working in the range all night. We don’t have an exact completion time, but will remove the closure from the website when they are done.
  • Thursday 11/19, there is a private event at the club from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. The club and range will be closed for those hours.
  • Friday 11/20, the air filter contractor will be changing both the pre-filters and the HEPA filters for the range between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. This process should take approximately 4 hours. Please check the website before coming to shoot on Friday in case any schedule changes occur.
  • Tuesday 11/24, the range will be closed 8am-4pm. Action Target (the range equipment supplier) will be on-site to tune up all of the target carriers and do preventative maintenance. We expect work to be done before 4pm, but we will post here when work has been completed. Please check the website first if you plan to come shoot that day.

Updates will be posted on this page as each maintenance item is completed and the club is re-opened. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to make sure the club is in top condition for your shooting pleasure.


  • Wednesday 11/18 closure moved up to 4:00 because cleaning crew arrived early. They should be done around midnight.
  • Thursday 8:00 am – the backstop cleaning has been completed and the range is open today except 5:30-8:30 pm.
  • Friday 1:00 pm – Filter replacement is complete and the range is open.
  • Tuesday 3:00 pm – Maintenance is complete and the range is open.

Events and Training Update

Greetings WSC Members! Everything is going well at the club. We hope you’ve been by recently to shoot. We have several exciting updates for you in the way of events and training.

Member Events

Our next member event – Girls Night Out will be held Thursday May 28th 6-9 PM. All who attended our March St. Patrick’s Day party know that the member events are a great time! This event will feature shooting and safety instruction geared towards our female members. We’ll have a fun range competition with prizes followed by drinks and food in the lounge. Don’t miss out – space is limited. $40 per person. Click here to RSVP


We have been doing significant work on our Weston Shooters Academy training classes and schedule. We now have an extensive schedule of six different classes, including four brand new offerings that members have been asking for. Our available classes are:

  • Basic Firearms Safety
  • Semi-Automatic Pistols: Beyond the Basics
  • Ruger 10/22 Rifle: Beyond the Basics
  • Your Glock: Beyond the Basics
  • Basic Wound Management
  • Introduction to the AR-15

Full descriptions are available on the website via the link below. Our instructors are also available for private lessons if you’d like to work on a particular skill or technique. Please check out the new classes and schedule online, or call Lisa at the Academy directly at 508.808.3532.

FFL Services

We are excited to let you know that our FFL Services are up and running. If you’d like to have a firearm shipped to us for transfer, please call the club or send us an email. Once we give you the OK, have the shipping dealer contact us so we can send them a copy of our FFL. Transfers will be handled by appointment at the club. The fee for transfers is $25.00.

Ammo Sales

As you may know, ammo is now available for sale at the club. Forms are available in the lounge and locker room that you can fill out and we will deliver to your locker. If you don’t have a locker, we’ll set an appointment for pickup. It is our goal to provide you with unrivaled convenience by having ammo available at the Club. We have set our prices to be competitive with other local shops, and would love to earn your ammo business!


The club has been getting some additional publicity in the past few months. Most recently, Victor, Leo and Becca were featured prominently in a story in the Globe on Monday detailing an uptick in gun permits issued last year. A lot of the increase has to do with the licensing law changes, but WSC was showcased as an example of more people taking interest in the sport of shooting. The article is featured on our Facebook page.


Regarding access to the club – all members are reminded that nobody should be let into the club unless they have a working access card or are guests being escorted by a member. Members having trouble with their access card should call the club phone number (508.343.8972) or email us to set an appointment to fix the card. If someone shows up and wants to see the club, please politely refer them to the website where they can submit a contact request, or they may call the club to schedule a tour. Please do not let anyone in to let them look around.

Lastly, just a friendly reminder to please make sure to sweep up all brass located on the tile when finished shooting. You can leave all brass forward of the firing line in place. While the vast majority of members clean up after themselves, some have forgotten to do so. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the range a safe and clean place to shoot.

Thank you and safe shooting!

Happy New Year!

We have a number of updates for you below:

Ammo Now Available
Our first ammo shipment has arrived! We have 9, 38, 40, 45, 223 (not for use at the club), and some 22 available. We are still working on supply for some of the more exotic calibers. The vending machine is fully stocked, and we will be contacting everyone who previously placed orders to arrange locker delivery or pickup. Please keep WSC in mind for your ammo purchases. Our prices are competitive with the local gun shops.

Range Safety Briefings
We have appointed Ralph Bibbo as Chief Range Officer. Ralph will be available at the club periodically to assist members. He will also be scheduling and conducting a series of safety briefings. These will be scheduled for Saturdays in January and February. Due to several instances of gun handling issues, rifle and shotgun shooting, and other rules violations, we are going to require that all members attend one of these safety briefings. By the end of February, any member who has not attended a briefing will have their access to the club temporarily suspended until they attend. We feel that this is in the best interests of all members and the Club, and we appreciate your cooperation. Exact schedule will be available later this week on the events page on the website.

Membership Changes
Going into 2015, we have made several changes to the membership structure of the club. We have removed the Gold membership package, and we have increased the annual dues for Platinum and Founder members to $500. Any new member who has applied in 2014 will have until the end of January to complete the membership process with the 2014 packages and pricing. Additionally, all current members of the club as of January 1 will renew in 2015 at current pricing.

If you haven’t completed the membership process yet, please visit the link below to book a New Member Meeting appointment. There are a number of dates available in January.

We have some great Weston Shooters Club clothing available for the cold months… gray and white long sleeve t-shirts and black quarter zip sweatshirts are available for purchase at the club. If you are interested, please email or call. We can place them in your locker or arrange for pickup.

Range Procedures
Please remember to clean up your shooting station when finished. Police brass located in the tiled area. Any brass in front of the firing line should be left – for safety reasons, members are not allowed down range. Please discard used targets, ammo boxes, staples, etc and leave the range clean. Management and your fellow members appreciate it.

We thank you for joining Weston Shooters Club! We appreciate your support in 2014, and look forward to 2015 being a great year for WSC. We wish you all a safe and prosperous new year (with plenty of trigger time)!

December Updates

We have a lot of updates for you today.

Ammo is now available for ordering at the club. We have partnered with a commercial supplier and will have ammo in stock very soon. Ammo will be available to you in three ways:

  1. Order online at the club website or a kiosk that will be located in the clubhouse lounge. Ammo can be delivered to your locker or large quantities can be picked up at the club by appointment.
  2. Self-service via the vending machine in the clubhouse lounge.
  3. Through a continuity program that we will offer. This program will allow you to have boxes of your favorite calibers delivered to your locker automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

Place orders via the link you received in your email.

We’ve had great feedback from our Basic Firearms Safety and Basic Wound Management class attendees. If you have friends or family looking to get started shooting and possibly apply for their licenses, the BFS class is a great way to start. It covers everything needed to get your license, and includes live fire range time. The Basic Wound Management class teaches the skills necessary to treat penetrating wounds until emergency services arrive. Full class descriptions and schedules are available on the website:

We are still accepting applications. We have four new member meeting dates scheduled between now and the end of January, including Saturday, January 10th for new members that have trouble making the evening meetings. If you have applied for membership, but have not attended a new member meeting, or if you need to pick up your access card, please sign up on the website to attend an upcoming meeting:

We have posted new rules signs in the clubhouse and range. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the basic rules upon your next visit to the club. Please take special care to note the rules regarding firearms handling. We’ve had a number of instances of members handling firearms in the clubhouse in the past few weeks. Loaded firearms may only be handled on the firing line. Unloaded firearms may be handled at the gun cleaning table upstairs or in the conference room. No ammo is allowed in these areas while handling firearms. Firearms must be cased or holstered and concealed in the clubhouse and when going to/from the locker room and range.

Range Update
We are continuing to work on the range. We anticipate that the bench will be installed behind the firing line in the next week or two. We are also still waiting on completion of a new gas main that goes through the building and out to Route 20. Once this is complete, we will have heat in the range. We apologize for the delays on this – we’re doing our best to complete this project despite problems and delays that have been out of our control.

Thank you and happy shooting!

Ammo Available for Purchase

We have exciting news to share! Weston Shooters Club is now able to offer concierge ammo service to our members! We have established a factory-direct relationship allowing us to obtain a virtually unlimited supply of high-quality ammunition. Ammo will be priced competitively with local retailers, but we plan to offer you an added level of service and convenience.

Ammo will be available to you, our valued members, in three ways:

  1. Order online at the club website or a kiosk that will be located in the clubhouse lounge. Ammo can be delivered to your locker or large quantities can be picked up at the club by appointment.
  2. Self-service via the vending machine in the clubhouse lounge.
  3. Through a continuity program that we will offer. This program will allow you to have boxes of your favorite calibers delivered to your locker automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

With these convenient ways to purchase ammo at competitive prices, our goal is to become your “one stop shop” for shooting and ammo purchases. Please keep in mind this is virtually the only source of income for the club outside of membership. The more ammo we can supply the fewer members we will have to allow in to keep the bills paid. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service.

If you placed a pre-order at a new member meeting, we’d still like you to order now so that we know you’re still interested. Complete pricing is available at the link you received in your email. If you’re interested in any caliber that isn’t mentioned above, please contact us. The initial order will be placed later this week, so please act now!

Thank you for your support of Weston Shooters Club!

New Training Class

We wanted to share a new training class that the club will have available – Basic Wound Management. This class is being taught by Bill Carlo, an Iraq War Veteran and Massachusetts EMT.

This class will teach you the basic skills to treat penetrating wounds until Emergency services arrive. and will cover:

  • Contacting and relaying vital information to 911 dispatchers
  • Protection against infectious disease
  • Controlling Blood Loss
  • Pressure Dressings
  • Appropriate use of Tourniquets
  • Hemostatic Agents / Quick Clot
  • Chest Seals

The class is approximately two hours long consisting of video instruction and hands on training. Instructions will be provided for self-aid as well as the aid of others. Some of the videos in the class do contain graphic images.

Medical kits have been placed at the Shooters club in case of emergency. Individual kits will be available for purchase from the Weston Shooters Club.

The first class is this Saturday 11/15 from 3-5pm. If you’d like to register for this class, please visit the training page.

Range Maintenance

Please note that the range will be closed on Tuesday 11/11 through Friday 11/14 between the hours of 6:00am and 3:00pm so that we can complete some ventilation and soundproofing work in and above the range. The range will be open after 3:00pm on those days. Thank you!