How big is the range?

The range is 50 feet long and has eight lanes.

What calibers are allowed on the range?

The range is limited to pistol calibers, including magnums. Pistol-caliber carbines and 22LR rifles are also allowed. Centerfire rifles (.223, .308, etc) are strictly prohibited. We have had several members ask about 5.7×28, which is OK to shoot from a pistol at WSC. If you have a question regarding a specific caliber, please contact us.

Are members allowed to shoot black powder guns?

Due to noise, smoke, and fire concerns with the rubber backstop, we do not allow black powder guns to be fired in the range.

What do you mean by country club?

Our vision is to create a club that is half shooting, half social, with a “country club” feel. By that we mean a place where people will gather before and after shooting to sit and enjoy a game on TV, card game, etc. We want the social aspect to be as important a part of the club as the shooting, and we want members to consider the club a destination, whether they are shooting or not. Weston Shooters Club is the latest in a nationwide trend of so-called “guntry” clubs that cater to professionals with a passion for firearms and a taste for luxury.

What are the range rules?

The full list of rules is provided to members when they apply for membership. Our goal is to create a safe and relaxed shooting environment for members. If you have specific questions about rules, please contact us.

Is there a cap on membership?

Membership will be capped when we feel that we have the right number of members for the facility. We are currently analyzing demand and usage patterns to determine how many members we can comfortably support.

How big are the lockers?

The interior of the lockers are 14.5″ tall and 11″ wide (10″ to clear the hinge).

Can I have a gun shipped to WSC?

Yes.  Weston Shooters Club operates a full-service FFL under the name Cricket Firearms.  For more information, please visit our FFL page.

What is your guest policy?

A member may bring guests to use the facility at any time. A member is responsible for the actions of their guests while visiting the facility, and guests must be under the direct supervision of the member on the firing line. Members are asked to bring only two guests into the range at a time. Others may wait in the lounge. If other members are waiting to use a lane, a member and their guest(s) may only occupy one shooting lane.

We have not placed a limit on the number of guests a member may bring in a time period, nor how many times a particular guest may come. If any particular guest is coming with you often to the range, we’d ask you to encourage that guest to join the club. We do reserve the right to limit the number of times any person is permitted to use the range as a guest and to limit how many guests a particular member may bring to the facility if we believe that the guest policy is being abused.

What is your policy on members who are certified instructors?

Any member wishing to teach a firearms course using the WSC facilities must first obtain permission from the Executive Committee. Permission is granted at the discretion of the Executive Committee, and may be withheld for any reason. If permission is granted, the minimum requirements will be:

  1. Placing a copy of the instructor’s credentials on file with WSC
  2. An outline of the course(s) to be taught
  3. A liability waiver signed by the instructor
  4. A liability waiver signed by each student/participant

WSC reserves the right to charge instructors a fee for use of the facility.