Weston Shooters Club


Weston Shooters Club is a members-only club. All members must maintain a valid and current Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms. If any prospective members require club membership to apply for their LTC, the Club will grant a conditional membership, which will become valid upon confirmation that the member has received their LTC.

Prospective members must submit an application, and will subsequently be invited to schedule a time to tour the club and meet the Membership Committee. Upon completion of a successful interview and a Club orientation and safety briefing, new members will receive their membership package and access card, which grants them access to the Club.

Membership Packages

Platinum Titanium
Club Access Hours 24/7 24/7
Annual Locker Rental* $150.00 Included
Guest Access Included Included
Spouse Membership $50.00 Included
Junior Membership** $150/ Junior Member $150/ Junior Member
Annual Dues $750.00 $750.00
One-time Initiation Fee $250.00 $2,000.00

Apply Now

* Lockers are available for Titanium members only at this time.  Members joining at the Platinum level will be placed on a waitlist if requested.

** A Junior Membership is an add-on.  Junior members must have their own LTC, be 25 years of age or younger, and reside with the primary member.  Upon turning 26 or no longer residing with the primary member, a Junior Member becomes a Platinum Member and pays full dues, but no initiation fee is due.