December Updates

We have a lot of updates for you today.

Ammo is now available for ordering at the club. We have partnered with a commercial supplier and will have ammo in stock very soon. Ammo will be available to you in three ways:

  1. Order online at the club website or a kiosk that will be located in the clubhouse lounge. Ammo can be delivered to your locker or large quantities can be picked up at the club by appointment.
  2. Self-service via the vending machine in the clubhouse lounge.
  3. Through a continuity program that we will offer. This program will allow you to have boxes of your favorite calibers delivered to your locker automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

Place orders via the link you received in your email.

We’ve had great feedback from our Basic Firearms Safety and Basic Wound Management class attendees. If you have friends or family looking to get started shooting and possibly apply for their licenses, the BFS class is a great way to start. It covers everything needed to get your license, and includes live fire range time. The Basic Wound Management class teaches the skills necessary to treat penetrating wounds until emergency services arrive. Full class descriptions and schedules are available on the website:

We are still accepting applications. We have four new member meeting dates scheduled between now and the end of January, including Saturday, January 10th for new members that have trouble making the evening meetings. If you have applied for membership, but have not attended a new member meeting, or if you need to pick up your access card, please sign up on the website to attend an upcoming meeting:

We have posted new rules signs in the clubhouse and range. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the basic rules upon your next visit to the club. Please take special care to note the rules regarding firearms handling. We’ve had a number of instances of members handling firearms in the clubhouse in the past few weeks. Loaded firearms may only be handled on the firing line. Unloaded firearms may be handled at the gun cleaning table upstairs or in the conference room. No ammo is allowed in these areas while handling firearms. Firearms must be cased or holstered and concealed in the clubhouse and when going to/from the locker room and range.

Range Update
We are continuing to work on the range. We anticipate that the bench will be installed behind the firing line in the next week or two. We are also still waiting on completion of a new gas main that goes through the building and out to Route 20. Once this is complete, we will have heat in the range. We apologize for the delays on this – we’re doing our best to complete this project despite problems and delays that have been out of our control.

Thank you and happy shooting!