Ammo Available for Purchase

We have exciting news to share! Weston Shooters Club is now able to offer concierge ammo service to our members! We have established a factory-direct relationship allowing us to obtain a virtually unlimited supply of high-quality ammunition. Ammo will be priced competitively with local retailers, but we plan to offer you an added level of service and convenience.

Ammo will be available to you, our valued members, in three ways:

  1. Order online at the club website or a kiosk that will be located in the clubhouse lounge. Ammo can be delivered to your locker or large quantities can be picked up at the club by appointment.
  2. Self-service via the vending machine in the clubhouse lounge.
  3. Through a continuity program that we will offer. This program will allow you to have boxes of your favorite calibers delivered to your locker automatically on a weekly or monthly basis.

With these convenient ways to purchase ammo at competitive prices, our goal is to become your “one stop shop” for shooting and ammo purchases. Please keep in mind this is virtually the only source of income for the club outside of membership. The more ammo we can supply the fewer members we will have to allow in to keep the bills paid. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this service.

If you placed a pre-order at a new member meeting, we’d still like you to order now so that we know you’re still interested. Complete pricing is available at the link you received in your email. If you’re interested in any caliber that isn’t mentioned above, please contact us. The initial order will be placed later this week, so please act now!

Thank you for your support of Weston Shooters Club!