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6:00 PM
Massachusetts Concealed Carry Level 2: Intermediate Tactics
Weston Shooters Club, Weston MA

-Cost: $175

-One 4-Hour Session

-Prerequisite: LTC and Concealed Carry Level 1

This is Level 2 of the the 3 part Massachusetts Concealed Carry Course. Some of the content of this course: live fire exercises for concealed carry, drawing from concealment drills, clearing malfunctions.

***All gear needed for this course including firearms, ammunition and holsters is provided by the Weston Shooters club. Students wishing to bring their own firearm to use in the class may do so***




6:00 PM
WSC Practical Shoot
Weston Shooters Club, Weston MA

Practical shooting is down range shooting at multiple targets with movement to simulate active shooting conditions. All members are welcome to observe or participate in this activity free of charge. If you intend to participate, please bring your firearm of choice, ammunition and spare magazines.

Only those with a MA LTC may shoot.

Please note that during this time the range will be closed to non-participants.

For questions about the practical shoot, please contact Chief Range Officer Ralph Bibbo:

6:00 PM
Defensive Tactical Drills
Weston Shooters Club, Weston MA

Defensive Tactical Drills is an aggressive live action shooting course for the experienced shooter.  It is intended as a skill builder class for an individual who may carry a firearm for self-defense.

Prerequisites: Recommended experience includes attending one of the following programs: WSC Concealed Carry Level 2, WSC Practical Shoot, any advanced training from Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson or similar. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your skills with an instructor before registering.
Cost: $175.00
Time: 3 hours – all down range shooting
Class Size: 8 students max

For full information, please visit the class page.

Defensive Tactics Drills

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6:00 PM
Basic Firearms Safety
Weston Shooters Club, Weston MA

-Cost: $100

-One 4-Hour Session

-Live fire on the range

This is the Class required to apply for a License To Carry (LTC) or a Firearms Identification card (FID) in Massachusetts. Upon completion of this class you will receive your MA Basic Firearms Certificate.



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9:00 AM
USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals -1
Weston Shooters Club, Weston MA

The USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Program is designed to teach ALL responsibly armed Americans how to respond efficiently and effectively during a dynamic critical incident.

One of the key elements to this is you must be able to process information while performing complex tasks. Defending yourself and those that you love requires you to apply multiple necessary skills, the DSF Program will help you to recognize learned stimuli and initiate learned intuitive responses, freeing up your mind to better process information.
This is the key philosophy of the Counter Ambush Methodology.

Each level of the DSF Program (L1 and L2) consists of a self-study e-learning module and a full day of instructor-guided live-fire range activities.

The DSF e-learning modules are presented by Rob Pincus, a world-renowned instructor, and developer of the DSF Counter Ambush Methodology.

You will be introduced to concepts, terminology, and information that will prepare you to maximize your learning potential as you complete the live fire portion of the programs.
You will also receive a copy of the USCCA’s Defensive Shooting Fundamentals textbook written by Rob Pincus.

Your USCCA Certified DSF Instructor will teach you intuitive defensive skills that work well with what the body does naturally under the stress of a dynamic critical incident.
You will realize your competency as you learn to apply skills in context during these intense live-fire drills and simulations.

DSF L1 prepares the student for the most probable scenario and builds a solid foundation of defensive handgun skills such as; intuitive sighted fire, unsighted fire, using natural kinesthetic alignment, lateral movement, emergency reloads, assessment, the presentation from the holster, and home defense concepts.

DSF L2 expands the plausible application of skill and adds complexity and contextual realism to the training.

It’s important that your gear arrangement be the same for both training and when you carry.

NOTE: loaner gear is available if needed especially for our Rhode Island friends.

What you need to bring:
1. Gun with holster (Ankle, harness, drop leg, and Serpa holsters are prohibited). We prefer OWB
holsters but will allow IWB as long as you can tuck your shirt in behind it.
2. 400-500 round of ammo.
3. Minimum of 3 magazines. If mag capacity under 10 rounds then 5 magazines.
4. Mag pouch (if you use one when you carry).
5. Notebook and pen.
6. Water or other (non-alcohol) hydration liquids.
7. Lunch and snacks if needed.
8. Comfortable clothes and footwear.
9. Proper eyes and ears.

After signing up for this class you will call 877-577-4800 and tell them you are taking the DSF-1 class with William Dalpe. You will pay them $30 and they will direct you on the steps to take the e-learning portion of the class. Make sure you ask them the procedure for taking the e-learning in case they do not tell you. The e-learning must be done 10 days prior to the class.

About Bill Daple:
Bill Dalpe is the founder and lead instructor at Patriot Firearms School & Defense LLC.