Weston Shooters Club

Opening Updates

We’ve had several people email saying they are not able to attend the opening weekend events and wondering when they can pick up their access cards. I set up three events on the website for the following week… Monday 10/13 at 5:00 and Wednesday/Thursday 10/15-16 at 6:00. I called these “Member Card Pickup” events. If you can’t make the weekend, but can make it one of those nights, please register and come by. We’ll go through the facility, set up your access card (and fingerprint, so it must be done in person) and set up your locker if necessary.

To register for one of these events, click here.

We’ve had a number of people inquire about safety classes for obtaining your LTC. We have scheduled two classes for October 2 and October 23. These classes are open to anyone affiliated with the Club… members, prospective members, family/friends of members, etc. The cost is $100 per person (less applicable discount for members). Please feel free to pass along the training info to anyone you think may be interested. If you can’t make those classes but are interested in a class, please email me and we’ll set something up.

To register for a class, please click here.

Thank you!