Weston Shooters Club

May Update

Sorry for the long delay between posts. A lot of construction has been done, such as HVAC installation, plumbing,and electrical, but none of that makes for exciting pictures. Unfortunately, we have run into one big delay that will push us from our previously-expected May opening to the end of June or first week in July. There was a complication removing some equipment on the site that was located outside the building where the range HVAC units will be located. This set off a chain reaction of delay, since getting the range HVAC completed is required before the range equipment can be installed and before interior walls can be completed. Things are on track again, and we don’t anticipate further delays.

On the membership front, we’ve been overwhelmed with the response, and we thank you all for your support. We have met with a lot of new members and have scheduled two more meetings for early June. As of today, we are discontinuing the early signup discount. If you have already applied, you will still be given the discount, but you need to make it to one of the currently scheduled new member meetings. If you haven’t registered for a meeting yet, please do so. You should have the link in emails we’ve sent you. If not, please email us.

As we have discussed with the new members that we’ve met, we will be capping membership initially so we can analyze usage. Our goal is that nobody should have to wait for a lane. With the huge response we’ve seen, we encourage you to apply soon if you are considering membership. At our current pace, we anticipate filling our initial membership slots by the time we open or perhaps shortly thereafter.

Thanks again, and please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.