Defensive Tactical Drills

This is an aggressive live action shooting course for the experienced shooter. It is intended as a skill builder class for an individual who may carry a firearm for self-defense.

Prerequisites:, Being an experienced shooter and have attended WSC practical shoot or any competition or advanced training.
Cost: $200.00
Time: 2.5-3 hours (all range shooting)
Class Size: 8 Max

Required Equipment:

  1. Pistol or revolver (for concealed or open carry use)Ā 
  2. Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunitions
  3. Holster: Exterior hard molded or leather hip or pancake style
    (No shoulder, cross body draw or soft cloth in the pants holsters)
  4. Eye and hearing protection (baseball cap optional but recommended)
  5. Spare magazines or speed loader (pouch optional but recommended)

Drills instructed but not limited to:

  1. Verbal commands
  2. Shooting from low ready
  3. Draw from the holsterĀ 
  4. Aim and point shooting
  5. Tactical reload
  6. Malfunction drillĀ 
  7. Shooting with movement
  8. Strong hand and support hand shooting with movement
  9. Failure drill
  10. Advancing on the threat
  11. Ā Multiple target shooting

All drills and training are subject to change per the instructorā€™s discretion.

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