Taser Pulse+ Training Class

Taser Pulse+
Taser Pulse+

With the current state of unrest in the US and very limited availability of firearms, we are pleased to offer our members another personal defense product.

In 2018, the MA Supreme Court found that it was unconstitutional to ban possession of defensive weapons such as Taser brand stun guns. The state subsequently amended its laws to regulate the possession and use of these weapons in the same manner as firearms. Consequently a MA License to Carry (LTC) is required to own or possess a Taser or similar weapon.

Weston Shooters Club is now carrying the Taser Pulse+ for sale.  This purchase includes a FREE 45 minute training class which covers:

  • A review of MA self defense laws with specific attention to the use and possession of “stun” guns.
  • Safe storage and handling laws and best practices.
  • Unboxing and instructions for the Taser Pulse+.
  • Instruction on how to deploy the Taser Pulse+ including coverage of dry stun mode vs firing probes.
  • A view of what it looks like to be tased.
  • Q&A session.

To purchase your Taser Pulse+ today, please register for a training class below.

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The Taser Pulse+ weighs just 8 ounces and has an ideal shooting range of 15′. The Taser can incapacitate an attacker for 30 seconds, giving you time to seek safety. The Pulse+ also integrates with a smartphone app which automatically contacts emergency personnel and is able to provide your location when you deploy your Taser in a self-defense situation.

Class Details:

  • Cost: $449 per person
  • Duration: One 45-minute session
  • Prerequisite: Must already have a MA License to Carry (LTC)
  • Includes: Taser Pulse+ defensive weapon
  • All equipment is provided for the student, but a notepad and pen to take notes is encouraged
  • We will contact you before the class to obtain information necessary to process the sale of the Taser to you. At the class, you will receive your Taser and sign all necessary MA paperwork (MA FA-10 form – the same as a firearm transfer).