Massachusetts Concealed Carry Courses

Welcome to the Weston Shooters Club Massachusetts Concealed Carry course. We offer three course levels that build on one another to bring you the legal, tactical and real-world knowledge and skills needed to face potentially life-threatening situations. These courses are designed to take you beyond target shooting with topics from dressing for concealment to combat shooting techniques.

Level 1: Intro To Concealed Carry

Level 1 covers essential foundation topics that everyone planning to carry concealed should know. This class fulfills the requirement to lift restrictions from your LTC in most towns. Please check with your local Police Department to ensure that Intro to Concealed Carry meets the requirements for issuance of a Class A unrestricted license.

Prerequisites: LTC
Cost: $100.00
Time: 4 hours

Topics Covered in Level 1:

  • Laws of self defense
  • Avoiding deadly force
  • Where your license is valid
  • Open carry laws
  • Law enforcement interactions
  • Choosing a carry pistol
  • Choosing a holster
  • Drawing from concealment

Level 2: Intermediate Tactics

Level 2 includes classroom and range time. This class enhances safe gun handling skills necessary for concealed carry.

Prerequisites: LTC and Level 1
Cost: $175.00
Time: 4 hours

Topics Covered in Level 2:

  • Grip and stance for self defense
  • Drawing from concealment drills
  • Speed reloading
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Verbal commands
  • Concealed carry live fire exercises

Level 3: Defending Yourself In The Real World

Level 3 includes classroom and range time. Students will practice advanced techniques under instructor supervision.

Prerequisites: LTC, Levels 1 and 2
Cost: $175.00
Time: 4 hours

Topics Covered in Level 3:

  • Brief overview of Level 1 and 2 skills
  • Night sights
  • Weapon Lights
  • One-handed shooting
  • Use of Cover and concealment
  • What to expect after the shoot
  • Concealed carry live fire exercises



Upcoming classes:

Date/Time Event
6:00 PM
Massachusetts Concealed Carry Level 2: Intermediate Tactics
Weston Shooters Club, Weston MA

-Cost: $175

-One 4-Hour Session

-Prerequisite: LTC and Concealed Carry Level 1

This is Level 2 of the the 3 part Massachusetts Concealed Carry Course. Some of the content of this course: live fire exercises for concealed carry, drawing from concealment drills, clearing malfunctions.

***All gear needed for this course including firearms, ammunition and holsters is provided by the Weston Shooters club. Students wishing to bring their own firearm to use in the class may do so***




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